A Star Wars themed cosplay and props group.
Grey Jedi Order UK are currently in the process of building props and scenery for conventions, public events and private party hires, photoshoots are more than welcome, as this is a non-profit group who are dedicated to bringing something new and joyfull to the galaxy.


Grey Jedi Order UK is run by a council of 'Star Wars' cosplay enthusiasts.  We have a selection of both Canon and Custom costumers and stunt performers.

To us 'Star Wars' is not just a hobby, but a craft that we participate in and are set in our mission to share our depictions of characters inspired by the 'Star Wars' universe.

Saber Classes

Grey Jedi Order UK offers stunt demonstrations and Choreographed saber classes for both children and adults alike.  Join in and learn set patterns from your favourite 'Star Wars' characters.  At set event and convention appearances only; subject to availability.  For more information please email us or visit us on Facebook.


Set and Props

The Grey Jedi Order UK prides itself on its variety of props.

Created by a number of esteemed master craftsmen, GJO holds and can provide space filling props for conventions and functions.  These can include but are not limited to; A giant Jabba's palace backdrop complete with Hutt, stand and Gargoyles, free standing fully dressed mannequins featuring named 'Star Wars' characters, a jawa workshop and more ...